Does Alabama Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Alabama State Health Exchanges

Over the last 4 years the citizens of the United States have been struggling with finding the proper health care. Many cannot afford it, and well over half don't understand the health insurance they have. In 2010, President Obama passed what was called the Affordable Care Act, now also known as the ACA. This act requires each state to provide a network to assist consumers in the understanding and purchase of affordable health insurance.


Since the act has passed, many in the political arena have fought to have it revoked. Others stated that having it simply revised due to the complexities of the health exchanges in each state. Over half of the citizens are not even aware that this is in debate, while most of the other percentage don't understand what it means to them.

Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama Stated Quote on the Health Exchange System

“ I would like to see this law repealed and a bipartisan group of experts and shareholders brought together to create a truly effective, accessible, and affordable health insurance plan for the people of this country.”

Alabama Exchange Info Graphic

What is a State Health Insurance Exchange?

A State Health Insurance Exchange is a network of experts to assist consumers in comparing, understanding, and purchasing health insurance.

Key Responsibilities:

Each state has the option of running its own exchange, partnering with the federal government, or using a federal exchange. The exchanges will be responsible for:

  • Presenting the benefit options in a format consumers can understand
  • Setting up a toll free line- for getting help, and asking questions
  • Navigator Program- Which allows consumers the ability to understand the policies and purchase the most affordable one.
  • Certifying Health Plans- Ensuring compliance of standards & requirements
  • Online Calculator- to determine healthcare costs, tax credits, and eligible subsidies
  • Networking with other databases & computer networks to determine medicaid eligibility for consumers, and other insurance options.