Does Arizona Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Arizona Health Exchange

Arizona has a health insurance exchange that has educational materials,  frequently asked questions, and even a board of questions to ask your insurance agent in case you are not sure. The state exchange authority helps consumers with reviewing the insurer's financial information and verifying the licensure of an insurance agent.


Arizona has decided to use a federally-facilitated health insurance exchange, meaning that the state is opting for the federal format instead of designing a state-run health insurance exchange. Arizona now has what is called the “Arizona Health Insurance Exchange Steering Committee.” The committee’s job is to meet regularly and help coordinated their plans for the state’s exchange. The deadline for all exchanges to be active is 2014.

Some Key Requirements of an Arizona Exchange

  • Establish A Navigator Program. The navigator program allows consumers the ability to understand, and purchase health insurance without all the hassle. They provide needed answers to questions consumers have, and help them find the right insurance for them.
  • Toll Free Line. Create a toll free line that assists with quick questions and get help with finding the right insurance.
  • Present Benefit Options. This gives the consumers the best options for their insurance and it is often written in standard format so that the consumers can read them easily.
  • Verifying the Health Insurance Plans. It is the exchanges responsibility to review the health plans to ensure they are compliant of standards, and are meeting their requirements.


Arizona Exchange Info Graphic