Does California Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Covered California

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California Health Exchange

The California exchange is in the works, they are already up and running a bit ahead of the game, but not without a few snares along the road. There were reports that after two weeks they were getting a lot of prior applicants. Furthermore, the exchange received over 95,000 consumers within the first two weeks. For California residents who decide to start on January 1st, the application must be filled out by Dec. 15th.


California has hired several thousand enrollment counselors to handle the health insurance exchange properly; the state is further expected to hire close to 4,000 more. They are not willing to give out all full numbers on enrollment until next month, as people may be deciding to choose a private insurance.

While there is a big difference between the efficiency of the federally-facilitated websites, and those of the state-run platform, many of the federal glitches are expected to be cleared soon.

California Exchange Info Graphic

There were some improvements that needed to be made on the California provider search tool. They plan to have it up and running soon. There were several responsibilities when running a health insurance exchange including some of the ones listed below.

Key-points in State Health Insurance Exchanges.

  • Benefit Options. There are several insurance plans and one responsibility of each state is to provide an easy to read description of the policies offered.
  • Toll Free Lines. If you have questions the toll free lines are to provide you with a way to ask questions individually, or to a direct educated health insurance counselor.
  • Navigation Program. This program assists applicants a way to navigate through the website, understand the policies, and purchase them.
  • Networking Database. If you are looking for a place to determine what you qualify for, the networking database is suppose to help consumers locate eligibility between other federally funded insurances, and the ones available on the exchange.