Does Colorado Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Connect for Health Colorado

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Colorado Health Exchange

When it comes to the health insurance exchange for the state of Colorado there are still some glitches. The Affordable Care Act implemented in 2010 required all states to develop a health insurance exchange for its state. They could use the federally-facilitated web site format, a state-run format, or a partnership format.


Colorado has a state-run health insurance exchange, which is supposed to provide their residents with a more effective way to find health care. The state-run exchange allows the residents to compare pricing, evaluate the different insurance plans, and provide more affordable insurance; however, there are still glitches in the road to success.

Statement from Colorado Exchange CEO Julia Hutchins

“These things are complicated and it does take time to work through. I think this is what we expected.”

Colorado Exchange Info Graphic

Questions still arise regarding the exchange because there are over 40,000 active accounts created, which have registered over 30,000 questions, yet only 7% of those accounts have purchased health insurance through their site. They are hopeful that over time things will pick up. But meanwhile they are continuing to work on the kinks in their plan.

Key Points Regarding the Health Insurance Exchange in Colorado

  • Networking Systems Database. This data base will help consumers determine what programs they are eligible for, including other federal programs.
  • Toll Free Line. There will be a toll free line to answer your questions, and direct you to an efficient answer.
  • Presenting Benefit Option. This section will help you determine the terms of the health insurance policies and allow you to understand each one better.
  • Navigation Program. The navigation program allows you to see each policy, compare policies, and purchase affordable health care online.

While Colorado is still getting up to speed as the impending deadline approaches. They are making sure that their website works efficiently, answering any questions their consumers may have, and trying to locate the reason for the lack of purchases made off the website.