Does Connecticut Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Access Health CT

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Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange

The Connecticut health insurance exchange is off to a great start. They have established a new exchange entitled “Access Health CT.” Their exchange was launched in September 2013, and over 7,000 of Connecticut's uninsured residents are already enrolled. Connecticut has established so far that over 47% of the enrollments are qualified for Medicaid. While these numbers are only 2.3% of the uninsured residents of Connecticut, the state feels that more will join soon.


Connecticut's Governor Dan Malloy announced the health insurance exchange's name in Dec. 2012 as “Access Health CT”. He has also appointed an advisory board of 14 to oversee the inner workings of the health insurance exchange. The advisory board meets once a month to discuss policy development & evaluation on the 4 Key areas:

  • Health plan benefits & Qualifications
  • Small Business Health Options Program
  • Consumer experience & Outreach
  • Brokers, agents, and navigators

Each Navigator & Assister has to complete several steps to be hired including: certification, background checks, four hours of training, and a valid photo id. Their call center was implemented in February 2013 and launched in September 2013.

Connecticut Exchange Info Graphic

Connecticut’s Other Requirements

  • Network & Database. This will help people not only find out what insurance plans they offer but also connect to other databases to find out what federal plans they may already be eligible for, including federal Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Toll Free Line. This line allows consumers to be free to ask questions and find the information they need when determining their insurance plan.
  • Ensure Compliance of Health Plans. This area ensures that all the health insurance plans meet standard requirements, are certified, and are in compliance.

While Connecticut still has a ways to go, and many more enrollments to undertake they are on the right track. Their website is up and running, and they are assisting uninsured residents with purchasing affordable insurance.