Does Delaware Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Choose Health Delaware

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Delaware Health Exchange

Delaware has decided to go with a state partnership health insurance exchange. This was announced in 2012 and has already started. Their website and name “Choose Health Delaware” is a great tool to assist the uninsured residents with determining what insurance is best for you, and making a great purchase for those individually, and in small business.


The website provides help, including PowerPoint presentations and links to information on the “Affordable Care Act” which was passed in 2010. Delaware also made an effort to provides pdf's with updates on board meetings regarding the health insurance exchange. The exchange in the state is created by the Chair, Bettina Riveros and also involves Secretary, Rita Landgraf. 

The state chose the state partnership platform, which allows them to control plan management and consumer assistance without the hassle of using the federal exchange. This plan was implemented after deliberation and analysis of feasibility & financial risk to the plan.
The Choose Health Delaware initiative hopes to enroll over 30,000 more uninsured residents in  Delaware. They are optimistic, and feel that the Health insurance exchange/marketplace will help them:

Delaware Exchange Info Graphic
  • Strengthen current relationships with consumer advocates & community partners
  • Improve access to affordable insurance to uninsured individuals and small businesses in and around the Delaware region.

Much like other states, Delaware plans to be vigilant about their management and planning processes, ensuring that consumers are getting the best out of the website. So they have added assistance through 4 key departments:

  • Federal Navigation
  • Marketplace Assisters
  • Broker Support
  • Communications (which helps with development of plans to inform the public of changes to their current coverage in 2014 and ensure that consumers understand the marketplace)

There are many requirements in addition to their own that each state must meet on their health insurance exchange including: providing a toll free line to help consumers ask questions regarding their health insurances, develop a navigator program to help consumers understand & purchase the proper health insurance, and even present their benefit options in a standard form so that it is easily understood. Overall Delaware has its ducks in a row, waiting to see more in 2014.