Does Florida Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Florida Health Exchange

Florida is a state that is still fighting the “Affordable Care Act” or ACA. They are having difficulty with the website, and have been finding many glitches when it comes to account sign-ups, or enrollments for insurance plans. There have been several who have stated that applying or viewing the site during off-peak hours will allow the site to operate correctly.


Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius stated: “Should we have predicted it?... Maybe we could have done a better job.”Not so much reassuring the 3.5 million uninsured residents of Florida. While Florida has hired over 1,000 application counselors there is a struggle when it comes to navigators of which only 62 have been hired.

Florida Avoids a State-based Exchange

In December 2012, Governor Rick Scott announced that Florida would not pursue the state-based health insurance exchange. They established “Florida Health Choices” to assist small business owners with 50 employees or more the opportunity to receive more cost effective insurance for their employees. They also allowed some individuals the opportunity to sign up as well. Florida provided a portal for those able to use it and received 2% of each premium from the policies sold through the exchange.

Florida Exchange Info Graphic

The beta testing for the web portal was started in September 2012, and while it is running it is still not up to federal required standards. There are several missing pieces, including:

  • Providing subsidies for low-income residents to purchase health insurance
  • Overseeing standard compliance of each health plan

The Florida web portal is available, but it will take patience and persistence to log in. Try the site when traffic is at its lowest to avoid all the jams & glitches you will get daily.