Does Georgia Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Georgia Health Exchange

At first glance, there were several questions that were foreseen by Governor Nathan Deal. He set up a 25-person committee to handle the risk assessment & planning section of the proposed health insurance exchange. His hope was to make sure that it was a feasible project, and also that risks to the state were minimal. In 2011, the committee agreed that an exchange to assist small businesses was possible but did not recommend an individual health insurance exchange.


Governor Deal’s Response to the Health Exchange

“I have joined numerous other governors seeking guidance from the federal government on establishing exchanges. We've yet to receive serious answers to our questions. I will not commit Georgia taxpayers to a project with so many unknowns.”

The federal government stated that they will provide the exchange in 2014 for the state of Georgia. However, how beneficial is the website going to be without a direct local injection of experience to the uninsured consumer? Currently there is a website entitled “Georgia for a Healthy Future”, which provides information on the health insurance exchange along with tools to help you choose the right plan.

Georgia Exchange Info Graphic

There are currently less than 20 licensed Navigators, and as Cathy Bowden, the information coordinator Georgia association for primary health care stated “Successful online enrollment took two hours.” As perceived there are still many glitches and frustrated consumers visiting the website; hopefully they will be cleared up soon.

There are a few key-points each exchange is required to meet, including the Georgia health insurance exchange. These requirements are reviewed below.

Georgia Exchange Requirements

  • Toll Free Line. each state is to provide a toll free line to assist residents of that state in finding affordable health insurance. In addition provide more standardized explanations on their healthcare benefits, and options.
  • Networking with Database. the data base will be set up to help determine if an applicant is eligible for additional insurance options including federal, and state insurances such as medicaid and medicare.
  • Online Calculator. The online calculator will help you with costs, tax credits, and subsidies in which you maybe eligible for without knowing it.