Does Hawaii Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Hawaii Health Connector

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Hawaii Health Exchange

Hawaii is off to a great start using the state partnership platform for their health insurance exchange. They have elected an advisory board of 15 people, including Sherry Menor-McNamara, who has experience not only with advocacy but also community affairs. Her bio extends to current Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce. She is also the chair on the current Hawaii Health Connector committee.


Additionally, Michael Gleason was elected Vice President of the Hawaii Health Connector committee and has over 20 years of working with people with disabilities as a coach, student services coordinator, and special education teacher. Their committee meets regularly and is using the $77 million grant that was provided to them by the Federal government for:

  • Planning
  • Research
  • Technology Development
  • Implementation

Hawaii Health Connector Considerations

With almost 100 plans on the Connector, there are several things to consider including rates, and plan availability. As reported Hawaii currently has the most licensed navigators almost 100 to help with community outreach projects and assistance with helping uninsured find the right insurance. In addition brokers and agents have been approved but must be licensed in the state to work with Hawaii Health Connector. All marketing will be done in print, television, and online advertising for the Hawaii Health Connector.

Hawaii Exchange Info Graphic

Below are some of the key requirements the Exchange

  • Networking with Database. This database will allow the applicant to find out if they are eligible for more federal programs with the click of the mouse. The exchanges are required to disclose all options to the applicants.
  • Online Calculator. This nifty little tool helps you calculate your costs, tax credits, and subsidies which are available for consumers applying.
  • Ensure Health Plan Certification. It is required that all health plans are certified and that they are in compliance with standard federal requirements.