Does Iowa Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Iowa Health Exchange

State Governor Terry Branstad announced that Iowa would be a state-federal partnership until it can become fully functional as a state-based marketplace. This is hope full for 2016 when they will have a fully operational website as well. During state-federal partnership the state will continue to handle the plan management, Medicaid, and the chip eligibility determinations.


While there are many states experiencing technical difficulties due to the technology used by the federal government, Nick Gerhart the Iowa Insurance Commissioner still feels that the marketplace is going to be effective. The insurance commission is also having difficulties seeing just how many people have visited their site, and have yet to find out who has registered yet feel that the site will be a great success overall.

There are several consumers who are interested in information regarding the new ACA marketplace plans, and curious in finding out what insurances are available and how it will affect them. The state of Iowa is doing its best to give it a few days before worrying, and hope others will be patient too. David Lyons, Director and CEO of CoOportunity Health says that many understand that there will be some kinks but is optimistic that over time it will fulfill its purpose and be better for the consumers.

Iowa Exchange Info Graphic

Key Requirements of State Exchanges

The health insurance exchanges are designed to assist consumers who are uninsured to get affordable and beneficial health insurance. It will provide a better understanding of offered policies and more affordable prices.

  • Present Benefit Options. This requirement is necessary so that consumers have the opportunity to understand what plan they are getting into and how it will benefit them and their family.
  • Toll Free Line. This toll free line allows consumers to ask questions regarding the policies, options, and prices for their health insurance that is offered at their state’s exchange.
  • Navigator Program. The navigator program allows consumers to understand and purchase their health insurance without a lot of hassle. The program guides them around the site and tells them what is offered and how to apply.