Does Idaho Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Your Health Idaho

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Idaho Health Exchange

The Idaho exchange, known as “Your Health Idaho,” is run by a board of 19 members. They are a state-run platform enrolling members to assist with affordable insurance plans. “Your Health Idaho got off to a bad start in just October 2013 when they made a mistake and Committee member Amy Dowd approved a contract for technology services for over $375,000 from a former committee member.


The media has portrayed the mistake as an overlooked detail that should have been caught before it went as far as it did. As a result, former committee member, Frank Chan canceled the contract. Chairman Stephen Weeg stated “The decision was not unilateral, it created a major mess for us.” Meanwhile Senator Jim Rice and Tom Shores stated it was wrong, and is not acceptable for Idahoans. From now on the committee agrees that a vote is in order for anything over $15,000.

The 19 Board members broke up into various sub-committees in April of 2013 to help ensure the balance of all areas involved.

Idaho Exchange Info Graphic
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Outreach & Education
  • Small Business Health Program (Also known as SHOP)

In addition to the sub-committees and other responsibilities of the board, each state is required to implement these key-points in their exchange:

  • Online Calculators. These calculators will provide cost estimates, tax credits, and subsidies that are entitled to the applicant upon applying.
  • Networking Database. This database will network with other common federal systems allowing the applicant to know if they are eligible for additional federal programs before signing up. It allows for the most affordable insurances available.
  • Certification of Health Plans. This allows the committees to maintain that the health plans under their exchange are in compliance with standard federal requirements.

While “Your Health Idaho” is getting off to a start what is next for them? Will the committee be able to maintain order and keep from making more mistakes? How well will the website work? Take a look for yourself and see how easy or difficult to navigate, this is your opportunity to get enrolled.