Does Illinois Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Illinois Health Exchange

The “Get Covered Illinois” initiative is here. The plan is currently to have a state-federal partnership declared to become a fully state-run exchange by 2015. Governor Pat Quinn made the announcement they will become a fully state-run platform by that deadline. Currently the state still sustains the controlling portion of plan management and consumer assistance.


In September Illinois received requests from six contractors which give you the option of over 100 health plans for individuals and small businesses. When rates came out in September, they were much lower than the DHHS expected. And in August 11 navigator organizations received a total of $3.1 million.

Why aren't more Illinois residents signing up? Many believe the state is not educating the public enough, though the “Get Covered Illinois” marketing campaign started in September 2013 as well. In October, the “Get Covered Illinois” help desk and website were launched. The help desk assists those who are struggling with the content and would like more help understanding the policies of exchange plans before deciding. Often many people don't know where to apply to get their private or federal insurance options.

Illinois Exchange Info Graphic

The Stay Informed Tab

While this campaign in Illinois is a great one, they have added even better features to their website. The web site has a community tab in order for visitors to see what they are doing in Illinois communities. The site also provides up to date news to help residents mull over insurance decisions.

Some Requirements of the Illinois Exchange

  • Networking Database. This helps them detect those who qualify for more federal programs almost instantly. It will tell them if you qualify for programs like Medicaid or Medicare.
  • Toll Free Line. Assists applicants with information and answers to your questions.
  • Navigator Program. The navigator program helps consumers to understand the policies they are looking at and pick the right one to purchase.