Does Kentucky Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Kentucky State Health Exchange

The Kentucky Kynect is off to a great start. This state-run exchange is an example of how beneficial the Affordable Care Act can be. The Kynect has already enrolled over 30,000 consumers in the last 30 days. They have had over 350,000 unique visitors to their website, with over 59% being female and 41% being male. Most consumers who have taken advantage of the health insurance exchange are under the age of 35.


Governor Steve Beshear stated “Kynect is meeting a gaping need in our state.” Most of the consumers who have signed up since the site went live are over 5,000 in Jefferson, and 1,000 in Fayette. The 30,000 plus new enrollments have signed up for new coverage many qualifying for Medicaid. Over 12,000 have found that they are eligible for subsidies.

The Governor stated “People who say the Affordable Care Act doesn't work need look no further than Kentucky.”So far he is right.

Kentucky Exchange Info Graphic

Requirements that Kentucky Must Meet for the Exchange

  • Navigator Program. The navigator program are licensed account counselors that help you find optimal health insurance plans for you, ensure you understand your policy, and help you sign up for the plans.
  • Toll Free line. Toll free lines are set up to serve as additional support to answer questions regarding the websites, plans, and other questions consumers may have.
  • Certify the Health Plans. It is the exchanges responsibility to ensure that each health insurance plan is certified and in compliance with all standard requirements given by the federal government.
  • Online Calculator. The online calculator is required to assist you with cost calculations, especially in finding tax credits and subsidies for which you may be eligible.

The Kentucky health insurance exchange is working as it is designed to, and is helping consumers locate more affordable health insurance.