Does Louisiana Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Louisiana Health Exchange

The Louisiana health insurance exchange is federally-facilitated. In 2012, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he would leave the project up to the federal government to set up. Some of the maintenance of the website will be handled by the state. And, according to the Governor, maintenance of the site would be up to the state, and that they will be more involved with the site.


Louisiana state governor said that Blue Cross Blue Shield has over 75% of the Louisiana insurance market so far; Governor Jindal feels the federal government plan should be sufficient for the state’s health insurance exchange. Louisiana feels that things will pick up on the exchange once some of the glitches are fixed. There are several states currently struggling with the glitches of the federal governments websites. And the states that have state-run marketplaces are meeting implementation requirements much more quickly.

There are several requirements of each health insurance exchange and while Louisiana plans to help ensure that they have things down no one was prepared for the glitches in the federal websites. Below are some of the additional requirements given by the federal government.

Louisiana Exchange Info Graphic

Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange Criteria

  • Presentation of Benefit Options. There are several requirements when it comes to explaining the benefit options of the insurance plans. The state is required to ensure that consumers can read and understand each health plan and their options.
  • Toll Free Line. Each state is required to have a toll free line for consumers to call and ask questions on the plans available to them.
  • Navigator Program. The navigator programs allow the consumers to get licensed assistance with understanding how the plans will effect your health needs, and help you purchase the right plan for you on the spot.