Does Massachusetts Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Massachusetts Health Connector

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Massachusets Health Exchange

Massachusetts has chosen the state-run platform which was announced to consumers of Massachusetts in 2012 by Governor Deval Patrick. The name of the health insurance exchange would be Massachusetts Health Connector. In 2012 the governor also gave authority for the Massachusetts Health Connector to establish a Navigator program, and administer appeals for the health exchange. They also gave the health connector the ability to adjust risk adjustment, and sell standard dental, vision, catastrophe, and child only plans.


Governor Deval Patrick also set-up a 7 member board to assist with ensuring that all the areas are covered in the Massachusetts Health Connector. From the beginning Massachusetts has agreed with the new ACA or Affordable Care Act and agreeing to have its own state-run exchange. On September 2013 the Health connector's board approved the plans for the exchange. Over time, residents in Massachusetts were offered plans by 10 different organizations.

The President wants to use Massachusetts as the state to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act. Although several states still struggle in getting behind the new implementations, there are several states that have already seen progress through the health care changes. There are many key requirements each state must follow:

Massachusetts Exchange Info Graphic

Exchange Set-up Mandates

  • Toll Free Line. This toll free line will help consumers connect to the experts and ask any questions they may have on the exchange or its plans.
  • Navigator Program. The navigator program hires licensed account counselors to assist you with understanding the plans, comparing plan options, and even signing up for plans right on the spot. While there are many questions in the first few months Massachusetts has several navigators in place.
  • Online Calculator. The online calculator will help you calculate costs of plans, tax credits, and subsidies that maybe available to consumers. Online calculators give you the ability to see what price range you are looking at when choosing a plan for you or your family.