Does Maryland Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Maryland Health Connection

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Health Exchange for Maryland

The great state of Maryland was excited about the Affordable Care Act. Governor Martin O'Malley was optimistic about the state-run platform, which he announced in 2011. The Maryland health insurance exchange was entitled “Maryland Health Connection.” In mid-September the governor appointed six board members and one executive director.


The state created five advisory committees to help ensure that all details and requirements are taken care of. Below is a list of the five advisory committees created:

  • Exchange Implementation
  • Navigator Program
  • Continuity of Care
  • Plan Management
  • Web-based Entities

Maryland is one of the few states that have an adequate amount of navigators, counselors, and assistance to help with the health insurance exchange. The state has over 160 licensed navigators, 170 plus assists, and over 1,000 trained case workers. And despite their earlier glitches, Maryland says they are back on track. They acknowledge that there are glitches, but feel that over time they will be worked out.

Maryland Exchange Info Graphic

There are several federal requirements to each exchange. Maryland has had the most success when it comes to licensing navigators and counselors in the nation, but they are not exempt from the requirements.

Maryland Health Connection Required Criteria

  • Toll Free Line. The toll free line is set up to assist consumers with questions and getting help on plans and policies.
  • Presentation of Benefits. The presentation of benefits allows consumers to see what the plans and policies have to offer and gives a better understanding of each health insurance plan.
  • Navigator Program. The navigator program is there to assist consumers. They are licensed in health insurance plans and help you understand what kind of plan you maybe best suited for and find the most affordable plan for you and your family. They also help you sign up for health insurance plans on the spot.