Does New Hampshire Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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New Hampshire Health Exchange

As the result of the Affordable Care Act, Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire signed a law which prohibits the state from participating in a state-based health insurance marketplace. New Hampshire’s Health Exchange is federally operated. However, this law (known as HB 1297) allows state agencies and department to operate specific functions of this federally-based healthy exchange.

New Hampshire

One of the organizations selected to work as outreach for the health insurance marketplace is the New Hampshire Health Plan, which already runs the state’s high-risk insurance pool. The New Hampshire Health Plan was approved for a federal grant to help facilitate education and outreach for the New Hampshire Health Exchange. Additionally, Planned Parenthood and Bi-State Primary were also awarded grants to act as navigators for New Hampshire residents with questions regarding their health insurance options. These organizations will also be able to provide personal assistance in registering for health insurance.

One Plan, Many Choices

At the start of the New Hampshire Health Exchange, only one healthy insurance carrier applied to participate in the marketplace. This insurance company is Anthem Blue Cross. While there is only one insurance company currently participating in the marketplace, Anthem Blue Cross will be offering 11 different health plan options to choose from; giving individuals a wide-variety of options to meet their every need.

New Hampshire Exchange Info Graphic

By 2014, New Hampshire is expecting to add other health insurance companies to the marketplace, including Harvard Pilgrim and MVP Health Care.

New Hampshire currently has approximately 170,000 residents who are without health insurance. Within the first year of the program, the New Hampshire Health Exchange expects 65,000 individuals to participate. Remember, the Affordable Care Act provides affordable health care coverage to individuals regardless of age, sex or pre-existing health conditions.