Does New Mexico Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as NMHIX

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New Mexico State Health Exchange

New Mexico’s approach to the Affordable Care Act is rather unique in comparison to a majority of the country’s approach. New Mexico has provided residents two different ways to obtain health insurance through the New Mexico State Health Exchange. Individuals looks to purchase health insurance will take one path, while small businesses will be required to take another path to obtain health insurance for themselves and their employees.

New Mexico

Individual Health Insurance vs. Small Business Coverage

For individual New Mexico residents seeking health insurance, New Mexico will be operating a state run program known as Be Well New Mexico. The program is a partnership with the federal government.  Small businesses in New Mexico would use a state run program, the SHOP exchange. This program allows small business to shop for health insurance using a state run exchange. Initially, New Mexico was planning on running all aspects of their state run exchange. However, time constraints prevented New Mexico from being able to get their computer systems up in time to make this program an entirely state run program. As a result, New Mexico is using more of a hybrid approach with the federal government to get the health exchange up and running in an efficient manner.

Not Your Typical Path

With New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez, opposing the federal health reform law, New Mexico’s road to establishing a health care exchange program has been anything but typical. Martinez has been the individual behind advocating for a state run health insurance exchange program. Because of this, the Health Insurance Alliance developed and advocated for a state run approach to the New Mexico State Health Exchange.

New Mexico Exchange Info Graphic

New Mexico is expecting 200,000 individuals to purchase a health insurance plan through the exchange. It is estimated that 21 percent of New Mexico’s population does not have health insurance.