Does Nevada Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Nevada Health Link

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Nevada Healthcare Exchange

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is making it easier than ever before for Nevada residents to obtain health insurance. The Nevada Healthcare Exchange is allowing Nevada residents to meet the requirements set forth by the federal government. By 2014, all Americans must have health insurance coverage. This healthcare exchange allows individuals to find affordable coverage, even with pre-existing conditions.


One of the Highest Uninsured Rates in the Nation

Currently, Nevada is one of the states with the highest uninsured rate. Nearly 25 percent of individuals residing in Nevada are currently without medical coverage. Within the program’s first year, officials are hoping to sign up 118,000 Nevada residents for coverage. This should help to put a dent in bringing down a high percentage of uninsured individuals.

Plan Types and Cost

All insurance plans offered in the Nevada Healthcare Exchange are sold by private health insurance companies or co-ops. There are currently four different types of insurance coverage: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. While all of the benefits are the same, the difference lies in how much an individual person will be required to pay when using healthcare services. The higher the level, the less out-of-pocket responsibility a person will have. You can look at it as a lower deductible, lower co-pays or co-insurance. All Nevada residents who obtain insurance from the marketplace will be required to pay a certain percentage.

  • Bronze Plan: You pay 40% and the plan pays 60%.
  • Silver Plan: You pay 30% and the plan pays 70%.
  • Gold Plan: You pay 20% and the plan pays 80%.
  • Platinum Plan: You pay 10% and the plan pays 90%.

The cost of these plans are based on your age, location and tobacco usage. Rates cannot insurance as the result of your sex or pre-existing health conditions.

Nevada Exchange Info Graphic