Does Ohio Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Ohio Health Exchange

For anyone living in Ohio, the Ohio State Health Exchange is going to provide a large number of health insurance plans to choose from. Ohio’s health insurance marketplace is a federal program. However, Ohio is maintaining control of managing the health exchange plan. Ohio will also retain control of determining Medicaid eligibility; including the state’s plan for uninsured children known as Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP).


Ohio has Options

In Ohio, residents have the option of choosing from 14 different health insurance companies. With more than 200 plans offered for individuals, Ohio residents are highly likely to find a health insurance plan that works for their budget and their medical needs.

For small businesses in Ohio, there are also a large number of plans to choose from. The state will offer 84 different options for small businesses that are controlled by 7 different insurance companies.

Ohio Exchange Info Graphic

Ohio offers insurance plans to meet budgets of all types. Ohio residents cannot be denied coverage based on age, sex, or prior medical history. Ohio residents will also be happy to know that Ohio health exchange rates are slightly lower than the national average.

The only problem Ohio residents face when it comes to navigating this new health place market is the lack of navigators available to help individuals with questions and guide them through the application process. Laws passed in Ohio have slowed the process of having navigators readily available to help Ohio residents navigate  this newly created Ohio State Health Exchange. This has the potential to make it more difficult for individuals with questions or the need for guidance to quickly navigate the healthcare marketplace.