Does Oklahoma Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Oklahoma Health Exchange

In Oklahoma, approximately 17 percent of the population is without health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, this is about to change. The Affordable Care Act requires all individuals in Oklahoma -- and around the country -- to obtain health insurance by the year 2014. As 2013 is rapidly coming to a close, here is what you need to know regarding the Oklahoma Healthcare Exchange.


Insure Oklahoma Program

In 2013, Oklahoma will not be participating in a Medicaid expansion program. In September 2013, Oklahoma negotiated a deal with the federal government that calls for a one year extension to an Oklahoma program to help the uninsured; this program is known as the Insure Oklahoma program. This program helps to subsidize private insurance to low income Oklahoma residents. This program uses income and tobacco usage to match Oklahoma residents to federal funds designated to providing health insurance to the uninsured.

With expanded funding for this program, Oklahoma should be able to help more uninsured residents than ever before. Federal funds received to expand the program should help roughly 30,000 individuals without insurance in Oklahoma. However, over 200,000 individuals would have benefited from expanding the state’s Medicaid program.

Oklahoma Exchange Info Graphic

Oklahoma Residents have Choices

For Oklahoma residents needing to pick up health insurance coverage under the Oklahoma Healthcare Exchange, there will be options. Oklahoma has 5 insurance carriers participating in the healthcare markeplace. A total of 53 different plans will be offered through these 5 insurance carriers.

Help will be available for Oklahoma residents who need guidance through the enrollment process. Help will also be available for those with questions as well. The Oklahoma Healthcare Exchange provides navigators.