Does Oregon Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Cover Oregon

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Oregon Health Exchange

With approximately 17 percent of the under 65 population of Oregon currently uninsured, the Oregon Health Exchange is expected to make a difference in the lives of many. In 2014, Oregon estimates that 237,000 individuals will obtain health insurance. The Oregon Health Exchange will have 110 options for individuals from 11 different health insurance carriers. For small businesses, there will be an additional 73 options from 8 different insurance carriers.


The Plan is to Cover Oregon

The plan to provide health insurance coverage to all uninsured residents of Oregon is known as Cover Oregon. Cover Oregon is run by the state of Oregon but is funded by a grant from the federal government.

There are nine board members responsible for overseeing the Cover Oregon program. The board also receives input from a 19 person committee known as the Individual and Employer Consumer Advisory Committee. This Committee holds monthly meetings that are opened to the public and encourages the input of the public.

Oregon Exchange Info Graphic

The Individual and Employer Consumer Advisory Committee is selected by the Cover Oregon board. Members of this Committee include individuals who will utilize the exchange, individuals covered any Oregon state medical assistance, minority groups and individuals who work for the insurance companies that will provide coverage to all of the uninsured residents of Oregon. Committee members come from around the state and cover all areas of the state. This helps to ensure that everyone has a voice when it comes to making the Cover Oregon program a success.

Oregon residents cannot be denied insurance coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions, age or sex. Premiums can also not be raised based on age, sex or medical history. This program serves to provide affordable coverage to all Oregon residents.