Does Rhode Island Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Health Source RI

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Rhode Island Health Exchange

Approximately 126,000, or 12 percent of the Rhode Island population is currently without health insurance coverage. Rhode Island hopes to change this courtesy of the Affordable Care Act. With an expansion in Medicaid enrollment and policies available through the Rhode Island State Health Exchange, Rhode Island officials plan to have a zero percent uninsured rate.

Rhode Island

Health Source Rhode Island

The name is the Rhode Island State Health Exchange is also known as Health Source RI. When the Health Source RI website went live on October 1, 2013, the responsible for running the exchange were not expecting such a high response; especially on the first day of enrollment. The site experienced nearly 6,000 page views in just one minute. The large volume of consumers seeking health insurance information and coverage through this Rhode Island program eventually caused the website to crash. Now with an increased server capacity, Rhode Island residents are able to research health insurance options with having to worry about the site crashing in the middle of the enrollment process.

A State Run System

The Rhode Island health exchange program is run through the state of Rhode Island. The United States Department of Health and Human Services conditionally approved a plan submitted by the state of Rhode Island in December 2012. In July 2013, the state exchange system was officially coined the name; Health Source RI.

Rhode Island Exchange Info Graphic

Under Health Source RI, all insured residents of Rhode Island will have the opportunity to shop for health insurance based on their specific needs. These plans will be affordable (there a number of different plans available at various price-points). Health insurance plans offered through the exchange are not affected by an individual’s age, sex or by any pre-existing medical conditions. The Rhode Island Health Exchange system has a plan to meet the needs of all Rhode Island residents seeking insurance.