Does South Dakota Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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South Dakota Health Exchange

With 26 states opting to use a federally-run health insurance marketplace, South Dakota is one of them. With it costing approximately $7 million dollars to operate a health insurance marketplace, Governor Dennis Daugaard announced in September 2012 that South Dakota would be opting for a federally run system instead of trying the state run method.

South Dakota

Three Different Insurers to Choose From

Uninsured South Dakota residents will have three different health insurance companies to select a plan from. The companies participating in the South Dakota Health Exchange include Avera Health Plans, Sanford Health Plan and Dakotacare. Together these three companies will offer a total of 38 different health insurance plans. These plans will vary in price and in coverage. Thirty-eight plans are significantly fewer options than a number of other states around the country; many states are offering over 100 plans.

In 2015, uninsured South Dakota residents will have more options to choose from. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan on joining the South Dakota marketplace.

South Dakota Exchange Info Graphic

For individuals with questions on health insurance options, federally-funded navigators will be available to answer questions and help guide individuals through the enrollment process. These navigators will provide residents with community outreach programs. The state will not play any role in promoting the new healthcare marketplace.

With 13 percent of the state uninsured (or more than 92,000 South Dakota residents), the health insurance marketplace is expected to greatly impact a large number of South Dakota individuals and families. Many individuals and families will qualify for the marketplace and may also qualify for subsidies to help pay the cost of health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, many South Dakota residents will no longer have to worry about being uninsured and the high cost of medical bills that can come along with not having insurance.