Does Tennessee Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Tennessee Health Exchange

Tennessee has taken the option for a federally-run health insurance marketplace. In December of 2012, Governor Bill Haslam announced that Tennessee would not be running their own health insurance marketplace. Like other states, Haslam indicated that the federal government had not provided the states with enough information to successfully run a state run health insurance marketplace. In early 2012, Tennessee had initially planned to run their own health exchange.


Four Companies with Affordable Coverage

Tennessee residents shopping for health coverage under the Tennessee marketplace will have four different insurance carriers to shop through. These insurance companies include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Cigna, Community Health Alliance and Humana. Each company will offer plans at a wide-variety of price points to meet the needs of all Tennessee residents that will be required to seek health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Not only will Tennessee residents have options, but they will be shopping for insurance plans that are below the national average. The Affordable Care Act will prevent Tennessee residents from being denied coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions, which has been a large problem in the past (around the country) for individuals seeking individual health insurance plans.

Helping the Uninsured

With nearly 900,000 individuals currently without health insurance in Tennessee, it is estimated that 834,000 of those individuals will qualify for subsidies to help them purchase insurance through the new healthcare exchange system. Others will also qualify for Medicaid should Tennessee opt to expand their Medicaid coverage. Individuals will be available to assist Tennessee residents seeking health insurance through the exchange. These individuals will have undergone a background check and fingerprinting to insure safety.
The health exchange program operated in Tennessee is known as TennCare.

Tennessee Exchange Info Graphic