Does Utah Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Avenue H

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Utah Health Exchange

WIth 14 percent of the population currently uninsured, Utah (along with Massachusetts) became healthcare reform before the Affordable Care Act was created and passed. However, Utah’s pre-existing health care exchange was not opened to individual consumers looking purchase individual health insurance coverage. With an existing system and trying to add the new system of a healthcare exchange marketplace, Utah has a healthcare exchange program that is attracting attention.


Mixing the Old with the New

In 2009, a Utah Health Exchange system was created for small businesses. This plan is also known as Avenue H. This program offered a fixed contribution approach to help contribute to the cost of insurance for employees of small businesses. Employers contribute so much to an individual employee’s health care coverage. These employees of small businesses were then able to use the healthcare exchange to purchase individual or family coverage to meet their own specific needs.

Utah will now be expanding healthcare reform to provide insurance coverages to all individuals through a federally run health care exchange system. Six health insurance companies will offer 99 different plans for individuals to choose from. Carriers participating in this plan include  Altius Health Plans, Arches Mutual Insurance, BridgeSpan Health, Humana Medical Plan of Utah, Molina and SelectHealth. 

Utah Exchange Info Graphic

Health insurance costs are lower than the national average. For instance, an individual selecting the lowest form of coverage in Utah can expect to pay about $50 less than an individual selecting a comparable plan in another state. Competition amongst major insurance carriers allows the uninsured residents of Utah to purchase plans at significantly reduced rates compared to the national average. Remember, no Utah resident can be denied coverage under the Affordable Care Act.