Does Vermont Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Vermont Health Connect

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Vermont State Health Exchange

WIth 9 percent of the population uninsured, Vermont is going above and beyond the requirements of the Affordable Care Act to ensure that all state residents have affordable healthcare coverage. The state of Vermont envisions a single-payer healthcare system that could be in effect as early as 2017.


Vermont's Current State-Based System

Vermont currently has a state-based health insurance exchange system. The state authorized the health exchange marketplace in 2012 and is using a federal grant to help pay for the technology required to run a health insurance marketplace. In 2017, Vermont plans to transition to Green Mountain Care, which provides universal coverage to all residents.

With only two health insurance carriers offering nine different insurance plans, Vermont has the fifth highest cost of individual insurance coverage in the United States. Insurance companies participating in this plan include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and MVP Health Care. The high cost of insurance in Vermont is largely due to only having two health insurance companies participating in the exchange.

Vermont Exchange Info Graphic

With Vermont having the second oldest population in the country, they utilize community rating. As a result there is no variation in insurance plans based on the age of each individual Vermont resident.

Vermont has also created a law that requires all currently existing individual and small group policies to terminate at the end of 2013. These plans will then be replaced with plans purchased through the Vermont Health Connect (the name of Vermont’s health exchange marketplace). However, this idea may be pushed back some. Terminating existing plans may be pushed to March of 2014. This will allow individuals and small businesses more time to choose the appropriate health insurance coverage.