Does Washington Have a State-run Exchange?

Yes, the exchange is known as Washington Healthplanfinder

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Washington State Health Exchange

The state of Washington has created a health exchange marketplace under the Affordable Care Act known as Healthplanfinder. While just beginning, this plan is currently off to a great start. The state of Washington has begun the new health exchange system with more individuals enrolling than in any other state. Washington has created one of the first state run insurance plans under Governor Chris Gregoire. From a functionality standpoint, Washington has one of the most successful health exchange systems in the country.


Making of the Best

The Washington Health Care Authority, also known as the HCA, has helped established such a successful health exchange marketplace. The HCA has an 11 member board of directors to help oversee and promote the health exchange system.

Available Plans

Washington has seven different insurance companies available through the health exchange system. These insurance companies include Bridgespan, Community Health Plan of Washington, Group Health Cooperative, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, LifeWise, Molina Healthcare of Washington and Premera Blue Cross.

Washington Exchange Info Graphic

These seven companies will offer 35 individual health insurance options. However, plans may vary dependent on where you live in Washington.

The insurers will offer 35 individual policy options, but not all options are available in all counties.

With 835,000 Washington residents eligible for the health exchange marketplace, the HCA estimates that 477,400 residents will also qualify for subsidies to help pay for insurance policies obtained through the Washington health exchange. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance will now be made available to Washington residents who otherwise may not have been able to afford health insurance coverage. Residents cannot be denied coverage based on age, sex or any pre-existing medical conditions that may have been an issue when obtaining health insurance coverage in the past.