Does Wyoming Have a State-run Exchange?

No, but you can visit the federal health exchange, or compare rates from one of the insurance companies listed below.

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Wyoming Health Exchange

Similarly to 50 percent of the country, Wyoming has also opted for a federally run healthy exchange marketplace. WIth many of the state’s officials and residents strongly opposing Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, it comes as no surprise that Wyoming has decided not to take the route of a state run system.


Two Insurance Carriers

On October 1, 2013, Wyoming began their federally run health exchange marketplace with just two health insurance carriers. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming and WINhealth Partners are the two health insurance companies that Wyoming residents will be able to select a health insurance plan from.

Why Such High Rates?

Rates under the Affordable Care Act are higher in Wyoming than anywhere else in the country. This is due to two major factors. The first being that there are a very limited number of health insurance companies available in the state of Wyoming. The second reason is because of the sparse and most rural population of Wyoming.

Wyoming Exchange Info Graphic

The rates of healthy insurance policies are over $100 more than the national average. For example, the lowest level plan in Wyoming costs $425. The national average is $249.

Perhaps, this is the reason for the slow start to enrollment in the Wyoming health exchange marketplace. Under the Affordable Care Act, the rates in Wyoming seem less than affordable. Questions have been raised of whether or not a health exchange system can work in such a rural area where many individuals want absolutely nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act. As time goes on Wyoming and the federal government will continue to monitor site activity and hope to see an increase in enrollment.